Reliable Manufacturing Partner Since 2003

Who We Are

Over 15 Years Effort and Excellence

Great Power specializes in the development and manufacture of acoustics & optical products, Smart Home product/IOT and health related consumer electronics. Through our advanced R&D technology and in-depth cooperation with research institutions, we provide world-class technical expertise, manufacturing and testing resources.

Audio Products with Voice Assistant

  • Work with Google™ Voice Assistant (GVA)

  • Work with Alexa®

  • Superior Quality Sound

Smart Home Products

  • Compatible with Alexa®/GVA

  • Customized Product Development

  • Upgrading Current Products

Sleep Assistant Products

  • Relaxing Light

  • Smoothing Natural Sound

  • Pleasant Fragrance

Other Products

  • Home Audio Systems

  • Sound Machines

  • Karaoke & Singing Machine

Manufacturing Capabilities

The spirit of excellence in the company allows us to enjoy a high reputation among our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to meet our customers' needs for production while providing high quality manufacturing capabilities.

Engineering Capabilities

Our persistent pursuit of technological innovation enables us to incorporate more cutting-edge technology elements into our products to bring creative products to the market. Our excellent team of engineers, from mechanical to electronics, from software to Acoustics, strives for this goal.

Testing and QA Capabilities

We have established a customer-oriented quality and management policy, and have a complete quality management system (ISO9001). From the R&D, production and service processes, a strict quality control plan has been established. Each node has a clear evaluation standard and service standards