Reliable Manufacturing Partner Since 2003

Who We Are

Over 15 Years Effort and Excellence

Great Power specializes in the development and manufacture of acoustics & optical products, Smart Home product/IOT and health related consumer electronics. Through our advanced R&D technology and in-depth cooperation with research institutions, we provide world-class technical expertise, manufacturing and testing resources.

Audio Products with Voice Assistant

  • Work with Google™ Voice Assistant (GVA)

  • Work with Alexa®

  • Superior Quality Sound

Sleep Assistant Products

  • Relaxing Light

  • Smoothing Natural Sound

  • Pleasant Fragrance

Other Products

  • Home Audio Systems

  • Sound Machines

  • Superior Quality Sound

Engineering Capabilities

Our persistent pursuit of technological innovation enables us to incorporate more cutting-edge technology elements into our products to bring creative products to the market. Our excellent team of engineers, from mechanical to electronics, from software to Acoustics, strives for this goal.